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Autorun is a platform of digital natives united in a developer community. Well organized, communicative, and patient, focused on handling your business challenges in a highly IT-literate way.

We are the ideal companion to turn an arduous journey into a march of creativity, involvement and effectiveness.

As problem solvers, we work on the most diverse and challenging projects, we are comfortable in both start-up and enterprise environments alike.

A highly-skilled, experienced, and dedicated team makes us adept at tackling the most complex projects and delivering outstanding results.

Autorun is built upon the passion for what we do and the need for perfection.

Check out, how we can handle your business challenges!

Creative design

When it comes to first impressions, it is all about design and quality. Our UX and graphic specialists focus on improving user satisfaction through a visually appealing interface, an ‘easy to use’ design and applications with pleasing user experience. Our clients are provided with interactive visualization of each screen in the application throughout the development phase.

Web development

Web applications are the jewel in our crown. We have years of experience building very complex, at the same time user friendly, web based tools. Our applications support people with various responsibilities – from managing employees, designing vehicles to preparing automatized reports to company management.

DESKTOP Development

If you want a reliable tool but you do not want to maintain any server environment then Desktop Application might be your choice! With dozens of successful Desktop Application implementations we would kindly like to invite you to familiarize yourself with our product portfolio.

Big Data

Big data is about data sets that are either so large or change so fast or are so complex that traditional data processing applications are inadequate to deal with them. Leading organizations around the globe are increasingly adopting available Apache Hadoop distributions as the standard data management platform for storing, managing, processing and, more importantly, driving analytics from all of their data. Big data ecosystem helps to increase efficiencies, launch new products and services and improve customer experience.

Data integration

Data integration is the process of combining and cleansing data from many different sources into unified data model.Analytics can be worthless, counterproductive and even harmful when based on data that isn’t high quality. Garbage in, garbage out, as they say. When our clients need data to flow reliably between multiple systems, our team is adept at building the necessary integration components. We have certified Infromatica PowerCenter and BigDataManagement specialist ready to assist across the entire project lifecycle — from selection and planning, through data modeling and data cleansing to implementation and support.


MicroStrategy is a leading business intelligence (BI) platform providing integrated enterprise reporting, advanced and predictive analytics and enterprise-grade security.
All our BI team members are Certified MicroStrategy consultants with years of experience gained working as MicroStrategy Professional Services consultant. We are here to help you
to set up and creatively apply MicroStrategy components in ways that empower decision makers. On top of that, with our MicroStrategy SDK specialists we are able to integrate MicroStrategy
functionality into other existing.

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