Facility Automation

There’s no place like home. Facility automation and connected devices are the foundation of smart facilities, bringing various benefits to your home and office, such as energy efficiency, safety, access control, wellness and comfort.

Both tech giants and start-ups alike have developed a variety of solutions. Our mission is to guide you through the world of home and office automation in order to integrate different technologies to a SMART, holistic and seamless experience.

Dive into the world of home & office automation.

Our Services

SMART Autorun

Most smart homes and offices do not live up to their full potential. In fact, many installed technologies are just connected to the internet, missing their actual purpose of being smart and anticipating. Our specialists add intelligence to Your smart home.

Smart Home

There are various reasons to turn your home into a smart one, whether you live in a flat or a house. We craft a customized offer for your needs and take care of the installation & integration to spare you countless hours of sweat and frustration.

Take a virtual tour, decide which features you would like to have and we will take care of everything.

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Smart Office


The smart home revolution is still in its baby shoes, yet there are already plenty of use cases for the application in offices. Multi-territorial work, flexible working arrangements and digital collaboration challenge companies to be ahead and provide a work environment of tomorrow.

We consult you on smart office solutions and implement technologies to make your office the place to be.

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The Future of Rental Property Automation

Are You an Airbnb© host looking for ways to make your rental business more profitable and convenient for your guests? We have recently launched our rental property automation service SHARELOCK, providing you with a full stack solution. Check it out!

Let’s discuss how to transform Your property into a SMART one!